Vesta Cloud DAM

Manage your digital workflows with our highly scalable and configurable, cloud hosted digital asset management software

Organize, collaborate, and share all kinds of files from custom-branded portals without the need for hardware nor IT support

Vesta Cloud digital asset and video management solution provides anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital media. Vesta Cloud DAM Solution is built to fully leverage cloud based managed services to provide virtually unlimited scalability, availability and built in disaster recovery. No infrastructure is required to own and run this solution. Just signup for the service, create users and start uploading and sharing assets. Please contact us know for a free demo and pricing

Includes features like storage in cloud, sharing files, videos, documents and workflows & approval rules, version control, rights management, file rendering, file metadata, access and event logging and analytics and reporting


  • Bulk Upload Features
  • Asset Sharing
  • Asset tagging and Metadata
  • Custom Fields
  • Responsive UI with Mobile and Desktop Support
  • Workflows to support Approvals
  • Built in Image Editing and Integration with Adobe
  • Share & Collaborate
  • Federated Security with ADFS
  • Rich API and Integration Support
  • Access & Event Logs
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Robust Admin Features
  • Video Transcoding & Streaming Support in HD
  • Deploy in Public cloud of your choice

Vesta SYNC

Migrating to the Cloud? Your Assets are just as important as the framework. Vesta SYNC is a simple and easy to use tool to migrate and synchronize virtual machines and files into public cloud environments from your on premise environment .It is a lightweight tool which can replicate and migrate your production workloads without hogging too many server resources.

Vesta SYNC Features

  • Schedule migrations
  • Network and Bandwidth Optimization
  • Interface with most popular object storage providers
  • Virtual Machine export to public clouds
  • Setup file and storage unit level synchronization

Vesta Cloud TAF

Mobile and Device centric applications are growing in demand. Majority of new applications are being created to cater to various platforms. Vestalabs has built a robust automation framework test automation framework to support web and mobile application development lifecycle.
Vesta TAF Features
• Extensible framework to support test automation for native, web applications across different platforms (Android, iOS & Windows Phone)
• Built in templates for Data Driven Testing with functions
• Enables user Interface, native device, Load testing functionalities.
• Integrates & leverage cloud hub to reduce device costs to customers. No need to buy and own devices with various operating systems configurations
• Highly scalable Load testing with multiple devices
• Increases test automation coverage
• Integration with Defect tracking systems and automated bug entry
• Provides detailed reporting with screenshots, passed, failed, skipped, and error logs

Vesta Cloud PATH

Cloud has changed the technology consumption landscape. Vesta cloud PATH allows enterprises Manage, automate and control their complex cloud environments, all through a single pane of glass. PATH provides support for compute & storage consumption from many different cloud providers. An all in one place for launching servers, creating storage containers, billing and usage reporting and analytics around usage.Tool also provides integration with any RESTful API’s from various providers

Vesta Cloud PATH Features

  • Multi cloud management
  • Modular for Compute and storage usage
  • Usage Analytics
  • Project based resource allocation