BI/Data Analytics

Making the right business decisions requires timely access to the latest and most accurate information. VestaLabs Business Intelligence (BI) services focus on helping clients collect and analyze external and internal data to generate value for their organizations. Our BI consulting professionals work with you to establish underlying BI strategies, build scalable data warehouse infrastructures, tackle your persistent data quality problems establish models for reporting.

VestaLabs can deliver a complete lifecycle solution on any aspect of BI & Analytics business problems. Whether it is ingestion of raw data or streaming data into cloud or your servers, processing of large amounts of data to create schemas and dimensions, or creating reports for data visualization, VestaLabs can help design and build a cost-effective BI solution to meet your needs.

VestaLabs BI Process :

Architecture Design: VestaLabs Big Data Architects will help establish a solid foundation for data integrity, performance and scalability requirements. Our architects leverage and recommend best tools to address the data and reporting requirements set forth by clients.

Modeling Data: A strong and flexible data model is a must for stable and scalable BI environment. We use industry best practice modelling techniques combined with our own discovery tools to come up with data models and scenario based designs.

Ingest, Store and Process Data: A Scalable platform is required to address the veracity and velocity of the data. Vestalabs leverage various BI and data analytics tools like Hadoop to analyze and process large amounts of data using cloud or on prem environments.

Reporting and Visualization: A compelling reporting and visualization tool or custom designed canned reports are the key to empowering all users of a BI solutions. Vestalabs has designed reports using popular reporting tools like Tableau, Microsoft Reporting Services and built custom dashboards and scorecards for our clients.