DevOps is an agile development with agile systems administration done with configuration management and tools that help shape and script infrastructure as code. Agile gives organizations the much-needed ability to quickly respond. At Vestalabs DevOps is a practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.

Training: DevOps also requires a level of maturity within an organization for process changes and building skillset of the people involved in the process. VestaLabs DevOps practitioner can help train our customer teams in the transitioning traditional models into process, tools and techniques necessary for DevOps culture.

Continuous Integration: Continuous integration is the corner stone of DevOps. At VestaLabs we strive for extreme transparency to make sure all project stake holders can monitor, engage and positively contribute to evolving applications with minimal or no disruptions.  VestaLabs has expertise with Microsoft Team foundation server and many open source CI and Configuration management tools like Jenkins/Hudson, BuildBot and many others for continuous integration.

Docker Development & Deployment: Docker makes it easy for developers and operations to collaborate on complex distributed applications. VestaLabs team can deploy Docker containers in cloud environments or on premises environments to improve the reliability and simplify configuration management and CI pipelines.