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VestaLab’s smart approach to solving business-driven problems and then leveraging technology solutions makes us unique. Technology is easy. How you use it to efficiently solve problems is where we come in. Contact us for tool pricing, or to solve yours. , Lifetime Networks became part of Lifetime Networks, the pioneer of TV for women on cable networks. was based in south korea and were running all of their infrastructure in on premises and or private data center environments. Roiworld has millions of users and needed to scale efficiently. VestaLabs suggested to migrate their application to AWS platform and re-architected their Microsoft .net application stack to leverage AWS cloud. Dress up game required working with a large number of static images. Terrabytes worth of Image repository was migrated to S3 using VestaSync migration tools. Applications were modified to make HTTP calls to use cloud based storage, network , queues and notifications. SQL Server databases running in clustering services were migrated to EC2 servers with high availability in multiple regions.

Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft games studios required a highly scalable vendor portal for assets and vendor IP management. Application has to support storage and processing of most popular media file types, audio files, high end digital graphics, terabytes of raw game files and transcoding of videos. VestaLabs was selected to provide architecture consulting and application development. VestaLabs proposed to use Microsoft Azure and .net application stack to build scalable application using Microsoft Azure cloud. Blob storage was used to store all the assets. SQL Azure was used to build application tables and configured it for scalability and availability. Application was built to support federation using Hotmail and accounts and ability for Microsoft employees to use their active directory accounts using federation. Microsoft Azure media services were used to transcode videos into native format and provide online viewing with HTML5 player.

Brand Affinity Technologies

Brand Affinity Technologies is the technology and marketing services company focused on activating, engaging, and monetizing fans. VestaLabs built a number of tools and services to support their digital platform. VestaLabs developed and tested BAT browser based plugins used to identify celebrities when browsing sites. Vestalabs also developed a highly scalable image processing engine and validated its implementation for scalability and accuracy.

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